Cricket needs everyone – players, captains, coaches, umpires, groundsmen and volunteers – to take an active role in the campaign and play their part in ensuring that as many games as possible are completed each season.

Digital Toolkit

Smartphones, tablets and social media are part of players’ everyday lives and digital communication tools are a great opportunity to get clubs and players engaged and more games played each week.

Content Worth Checking Out

Here are some tools and tips we’ve picked out to help you #getthegameon this season.

League Blueprint

The League Blueprint is a series of recommendations that leagues are encouraged to embrace to improve player satisfaction and help keep more players on the pitch and enjoy the game.

Getting Change To Happen

Help to introduce changes to the game locally so that players enjoy their game day more, and will help keep teams thriving.

Play-Cricket Live & Scorer

Play-Cricket Scorer and Live allow you to score and follow the game from wherever you are, meaning you’ll never miss a moment.

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Tell us what’s happening in your league

Tell us what’s happening in your league – got a great story to share, let us know and we will share with other leagues.