Specifically designed to help captains get more games of cricket played, including top tips before, during and after game day.

“I don’t sleep at all during Test matches. It is a nightmare. Actually it is not a nightmare because at least having one of those would mean I’m asleep." – Joe Root. View Joe's bio here.

Captains’ Club

Specifically designed to help captains get more games of cricket played. It includes top tips and advice on how best to use your current League Rules and solutions about what to do if your game is affected by the weather.

Content Worth Checking Out

Here are some tools and tips we’ve picked out to help you #getthegameon this season.

Game Day Tips & Tools

Helpful tips and tools for before, during and after the game which will help you and your teams #getthegameon – cricket needs everyone to play their part.

Asked to Umpire?

In total there are ten methods of dismissal in cricket. Check out these videos in case you should be asked to step in and umpire.

Digital Toolkit

Digital is part of players’ everyday lives and digital communication tools provide great opportunity to engage with others and get more games played.

Play-Cricket Live & Scorer

Play-Cricket Scorer provides all the detail of a traditional scoresheet, making it easy for new scorers and powerful enough for regular scorers. With Play-Cricket Live coming soon follow your favourite leagues, clubs, teams and players from wherever you are, meaning you’ll never miss a moment.

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