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Whilst most cricket squares in England and Wales use a combination of different perennial ryegrass and fescue, there are actually over 11,000 recorded grass species with new ones being developed and discovered each year. The largest species of grass is giant bamboo which can grow to 150 feet tall – we don’t use this for cricket grounds!

Groundsmanship Guide

Find practical guidance on maintaining and developing your ground.

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Here are some tools and tips we’ve picked out to help you #getthegameon this season.

Ground, Weather and Light

Everybody should work together in order to #getthegameon and captains should jointly take responsibility for decisions relating to Ground, Weather and Light.

Play-Cricket Live & Scorer

Play-Cricket Scorer and Live allow you to score and follow the game from wherever you are, meaning you’ll never miss a moment.

Game Day Tips & Tools

Helpful tips and tools for before, during and after the game which will help you and your teams #getthegameon – cricket needs everyone to play their part.

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