Since the inception of the Kent Regional Cricket League (KRCL) some 7 years ago, change has been a hot topic, one certainly well managed with huge success. In recent years, the KRCL has managed to shorten formats of the game, introduce earlier start times and have moved to a single structured league rather than having multiple structures, which has resulted in: greater opportunities for promotion/relegation; more competitive matches; and keep travel times to a minimum.

Brian Smith, Fixture Secretary of the KRCL, has detailed their biggest change for 2017,

 “This year’s biggest change has been to introduce divisions of 9 teams throughout our structure. This will give us more freedom in arranging fixtures, especially where clubs have to share facilities with other sports and yearly events such as village fetes. Having a high level of freedom really will help solve some of the issues we face.”

With such an innovative approach to recreational cricket, the KRCL is sure to prosper for many years to come. The ECB would like to thank Brian, all the KRCL league officers, clubs and Kent Cricket for all the time they commit to making league cricket the very best it can be across the County.