If you’ve been asked to umpire, we’ve pulled together some helpful links and videos breaking down the laws of the game:

Asked to Umpire?

  • Batsman Out Of Their Ground

    Batsman Out Of Their Ground

    Learn how to determine if a batsman is out of their ground in this handy tutorial from the Laws of Cricket series. This step-by-step video clearly sets out the ...
  • Leg Before Wicket

    Leg Before Wicket

    You may claim to know about Leg Before Wicket, but do you really know it? Watch this handy check-list video to help master one of cricket's more complex Laws. T...
  • No Ball

    No Ball

    How many ways can a bowler bowl a No Ball? How many times can a ball bounce? Are you certain you know where the bowler's feet can and cannot land? Be clear on t...
  • Wide Ball

    Wide Ball

    Are you confident with your understanding of the Wide Ball rule? Can a batsman force a wide delivery? Find out what constitutes a Wide Ball with another of thes...