During The Game —Top Tips

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    Cover the ground

    When it rains, the biggest challenge is getting the ground and problem areas covered quickly and appropriately. Make sure as many people as possible know what to do and that everyone chips in to help. Cover as much of the square as possible, and consider where the water is going and if it needs diverting. Covers should be secured safely, especially in windy conditions.

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    Remove water from covers

    When poor weather passes, makes sure standing water is removed from covers to prevent a new problem being created elsewhere. Basic equipment such as mops, squeegees, water hogs and absorbent blankets can all help. Removing the covers in the right way is very important too – one person should take charge and ensure all players are involved.

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    Remove standing water

    Standing water can be collected using a variety of mopping up materials. However, when water pools on the outfield, spiking the ground with a fork can also aid drainage – it’s not advisable to fork the square. Water hogs, mops and absorbent blankets can also be useful, as can mats and sawdust on problem areas such as worn ends and footmarks.

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    Know your league rules and regulations

    Make sure all those involved in getting games played – such as umpires and both captains – know their league’s rules, especially the wet weather regulations. They should know the options available to them on game day, especially if it looks like poor weather will interrupt play.

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    Consider the options for getting a game on

    Viable options should always be discussed and decided upon by umpires and both captains. These could include playing a reduced overs game, using Duckworth Lewis, agreeing a flexible start time, shortening the interval time, finding a reserve date, or using a non-turf pitch.

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    Consider the basics

    If it’s so wet that players cannot run when batting, bowling or fielding – don’t play. If there are dangerous areas in the outfield, consider moving the boundary to rope it off. Make sure there is a supply of cloths available to dry the ball when necessary.

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    Asked to umpire?

    If you’re asked to umpire a game, make sure you are confident that your decisions are the right ones? In total there are ten methods of dismissal in cricket. To find out more about the methods check out the tools below where you’ll find more information.


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