After The Game —Top Tips

  • 1

    Pitch perfect

    Remember to clean up any debris or unwanted materials from your pitch, such as sawdust, before you leave. Doing this after each game will make sure your pitch is in the best possible condition ahead of your next fixture. Clearing up is important to maintain the quality of the ground and extend the lifespan of the covers and equipment.

  • 2

    Protect your covers

    To extend the lifespan of your covers make sure they are stored away securely after each game. Or if you’re using your covers for a match the next day, make sure your pitch is covered before you leave.

  • 3

    Storing your equipment

    Any machinery and equipment you’ve been using for the game should be stored away somewhere safe to avoid any weather damage or risk of theft. If your club has sight screens these should also be put away until your next game.

  • 4

    Keep it tidy

    Remembering to tidy your changing rooms, toilets and showers is a small but important action to check off your list, especially if you share facilities with other teams. You can get the whole team to chip in with this task and take responsibility for their own items.

  • 5

    Safe and secure

    Protect your facilities and equipment after each game. Remember to lock up your equipment store, pavilion, changing rooms, toilets and scoreboard/box before you leave the ground.

  • 6

    Post game

    Communication with the team post game is vital in maintaining the social aspect cricket can offer, as well as a great opportunity to organise and plan for the next fixture.


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