Useful Examples

There are lots of ways that social media and digital tools can help your league to communicate with players and the public.

We’ve put together some of the most common examples here for you. From getting stronger, measurable feedback from players on their game day experience to promoting your league to the wider public and potential sponsors, you can use the power of digital to reach out and get better results. Download the factsheets here to get the ball rolling.

I want to consult players on their game day experience

Ahead of making proposals for rule changes, you will probably want to know the view of the players, particularly where it relates to the game day experience. These techniques allow you to quickly take the temperature on an issue and provide the management committee with a mandate to propose change.



I want to inform clubs and/or captains about league activity

Utilise the power of digital to promote league meetings, events and activity. Send invitations, capture feedback and launch debates on possible changes to the rules and game day experience. With digital communication you can even track and trace who is opening and reading your emails.



I want to provide updates and remind captains about wet weather options and flexibility

When game days look to be affected by wet weather, captains need to know their options, particularly when there isn’t an official present. Use smartphones as a mobile rule book to ensure that everyone understands what the rules allow and respond to real time queries to Get the Game On.



I want to promote and manage our player loan scheme

Late drop outs by players can seriously jeopardise the ability of clubs to field teams. The speed and convenience of digital communication can reduce concessions and ensure that those who want to play are able to. We show you how.



I want to promote our league to the public, sponsors or non-member clubs

Learn how to use free tools to create a very professional online presence for your league that users can find quickly and easily and provide feedback. Provide non-member clubs with information about life in your league and space for your sponsors to promote their business to your clubs and players.



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