What is it?

  • Twitter is a ‘micro–blogging’ tool that allows you to post short text updates, pictures, and videos. Each update post is called a ‘tweet’ and is limited to 140 characters
  • It’s completely free to use and can be set up and run by multiple people
  • Twitter allows you to follow other accounts within your sphere of interest and by commenting on, sharing, or mentioning these accounts you become part of an ecosystem for a particular topic. Accounts with large followings can boost your activity simply by retweeting one of your posts

Why it’s different from other social media platforms?

  • Twitter’s uniqueness comes from its use as a real–time or live update tool. Twitter users scroll through their feed to find out the latest information about their interests. It’s good for real–time or live updates, particularly relating to wet weather plans

Follow this guide and you’ll quickly be able to

  • Tweet about latest league news, manage your player loan scheme and reach a wider audience interested in cricket
  • Tweet live score updates
  • Interact with your clubs – useful when you need to quickly arrange a game at short notice
  • Gather and provide news (cricket or otherwise) for your local area

Examples Of What You Can Do With It

  • Recruitment Drive

    If you are planning to grow your league or to recruit new teams to enter competitions such as U19 T20, you can use Twitter to message a wide audience, particularly if a prominent account shares (‘retweets’)

  • Interact With Your Clubs

    Follow other clubs and turn notifications on for them.

  • Promote And Manage

    Promote and manage a player loan scheme within your league by providing details of clubs looking for players and players looking for a game.

  • Share Pictures / Video

    This could be an official team photo or simply an amusing anecdote.

  • Twitter Polls

    Twitter has recently introduced a poll feature that allows you to ask the opinion of your followers.

  • Community Spirit

    Follow local accounts so you know what’s happening in your area, share their initiatives to build goodwill, so they do the same for you.

  • Tweet Live Updates

    Provide regular updates from all your fixtures, pulling in live updates from around the grounds. Tweet live updates at major points in the game to keep everyone at clubs informed.

  • Have Fun

    It’s important to remember that social media is supposed to be fun. Cricket clubs, too, are fun places to be, so reflect that in your Twitter feed. Don’t be afraid to post that funny video of the number 11 trying to bat with a Kwik Cricket stump – as long as it’s respectful.

  • Potential To Go Viral

    In rare circumstances platforms like Twitter can amplify your content. Having a presence online can allow you to capitalise on people’s interest in sharing stories – like Wirral CC did when they were bowled out for 3.

Getting Started

Download this PDF to access all the details and step-by-step instructions for each of Twitter’s key features. You can also discover how to take your account to the next level once you’ve mastered the basics.