What is it?

  • Play-Cricket.com is the largest source of information and statics on recreational cricket in England & Wales, it is free and used by teams, clubs, leagues, county boards and players. Leagues are able to communicate to their members via their FREE Play-Cricket.com site. There are also two new apps, Scorer and Live (coming soon) which clubs, players and fans can use for scoring and stats.

Examples Of What You Can Do With It

  • Communications

    Direct email communication to individual(s), groups, or all of your members.

  • Communications

    Direct email communication to a specific role with your member Clubs e.g. all Club Captain’s/Treasurers/Groundsman

  • Latest News

    Share your latest news with your members via the front page of your web site. Place key important information/documents which will appear on Clubs sites, usually located on their home page.

  • Admin Forums

    A private area allowing administrators of the league site a forum for sharing whatever they choose from a funny picture to a serious announcement.

Getting Started

Download this PDF to access all the details and step-by-step instructions for each of Play-Cricket’s key features. You can also discover how to take your account to the next level once you’ve mastered the basics.