What is it?

  • MailChimp is a tool for sending emails
  • It’s free to use for anyone with fewer than 2,000 email addresses who sends fewer than 12,000 emails per month. That means if you have 1,000 emails and send 10 emails a month you’re under the paid tier on both counts

Why it’s different from regular email accounts

  • Send to large lists
  • Keep your lists clean – MailChimp manages any unsubscriptions and invalid email addresses
  • Create nicer looking emails with images using easy–to–set–up templates
  • See who has opened or clicked on your emails

Follow this guide and you’ll quickly be able to

  • Send out league newsletters
  • Provide players with last minute information by email
  • Request feedback or ask for support

Examples Of What You Can Do With It

  • Promote Player Loan Scheme

    A call out email to recruit players who are available for loan and details of teams who are short of players.

  • Weather Updates

    Let clubs and captains know their options on game day.

  • One-the-day Reminders

    Set up an email in advance, scheduled to be sent on Saturday morning reminding clubs and captains of league rules and playing options.

  • Post-match Emails

    Match reports, pictures, scores and performances all keep players engaged and increase the likelihood of them playing more.

  • Solicit Feedback Requests

    Hear what players have to say about their cricket, including start times, formats, day lengths, travel distances etc.

  • Newsletters

    Send a league newsletter to engage core members and the periphery, both during and outside the season.

Getting Started

Download this PDF to access all the details and step-by-step instructions for each of MailChimp's key features. You can also discover how to take your account to the next level once you’ve mastered the basics.