Game Day Factors

Digital tools can help to solve a range of game day challenges.

From pulling together a full team to effectively managing a game when the weather won’t play ball, regular communication online allows more flexibility in the build up to a game, and on the day itself. Here you can access a range of tips and advice that you can easily put into action within your league, along with step-by-step PDFs for each of the main digital tools to help you get started.

Wet Weather Scenarios

    Ensure that everyone involved in cricket has the information they need, when and where they need it.

    Sharing information at the right time means you and your clubs can:

Useful Downloads

Survey Monkey

PDF on how to use Survery Monkey


PDF on Facebook on how to create a Poll & Ask Question function


PDF on how to use the chat function on WhatsApp


PDF on how to set up a Twitter Poll

PDF on Doodle & Poll Everywhere

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