What is it?

  • Play-Cricket.com is the largest source of information and statics on recreational cricket in England & Wales, it is free and used by teams, Clubs, Leagues, County Boards and Players. Leagues are able to communicate to their members via their FREE Play-Cricket.com site.

Examples Of What You Can Do With It

  • Communications

    Direct email communication to individual(s), groups, or all of your members.

  • Communications

    Direct email communication to a specific role with your member Clubs e.g. all Club Captain’s/Treasurers/Groundsman

  • Latest News

    Share your latest news with your members via the front page of your web site. Place key important information/documents which will appear on Clubs sites, usually located on their home page.

  • Admin Forums

    A private area allowing administrators of the league site a forum for sharing whatever they choose from a funny picture to a serious announcement.

Getting Started

Download this PDF to access all the details and step-by-step instructions for each of Play-Cricket’s key features. You can also discover how to take your account to the next level once you’ve mastered the basics.