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There are many different jobs for you and your team to do prior to the start of a game. This section will help you get ready and manage game day.

This could include organising players to umpire and score, preparing the ground, welcoming the opposition, preparing the teas and drinks; to mention but a few. As a Captain you have a responsibility to your teammates to help them enjoy their game and play to the best of their ability. It is equally important that you enjoy your game and play well too. This section will help you get ready and manage game day.


  • Communication is the key to getting the game on

    As a Captain use social media to keep both your players and opposition up to date on the state of your game and if you need help.

    Use social media to
    communicate directly
    with players and
    clubs about game day

    If anyone can help out @lordmdcarroll would really appreciate help at 10:00 in morning to get ground ready for the 2s game #getthegameon

  • Communication is the key to getting the game on

    As a Captain it's vital that you use social media to keep both your players and opposition up to date on the state of your game and if you need help.

    A request to all members for lots of help Saturday morning from 8am to clear up after the rain remove covers and flat sheets

    @wembdoncc Greatly appreciated, if you still need a hand when we arrive then let us know #GetTheGameOn

    @ButleighCC cheers guys. Did take a look tonight and pitch looking dry under covers. Not expecting any delay #prayforsun

    @wembdoncc Some rude awakening tomorrow! See you there.

Captains' Checklist

Captains' Checklist

The key to managing game day is to get organised and get your players involved. To help you we have designed a simple checklist which you can download and allocate roles to various players within your team, along with the opportunity to add any roles which are specific to your club.


League Rules

Rule Book

Recently many leagues have responded to the results of the National Cricket Playing Survey by changing their rules and regulations to help Captains get more games played.

Take a moment to check your league rules and understand how you might use them during a game. Below are a number of examples highlighting how other Captains have utilised new rules within their leagues.

Player Loan

Work with other Captains to ensure available players get a game of cricket

We have players available for the Adult Loan Scheme this Saturday. Contact us for details! @Nidderdale1894 #getthegameon

@KboroForestCC looking for some players for Killinghall 2nds away at Alne

@AJBellerby how many you need Bellers? Our 3rd XI opening bowler Danny Millar is available and looking for a game

Switching Venue

Consider flexible start times, reversing fixtures, use of third party pitches and non turf pitches

@northernclub hoping for a good game today Vs your 3rd XI. Thanks for switching the fixture to #GetTheGameOn

A big thanks to our friends at @Arundelcricket for allowing our #SJCF game to be switched to theirs today #GetTheGameOn

Changing Start Times


The ECB Player Panel survey demonstrates that 84% of players require no more than 24 hours notice of a change to start time.

A sunny day after last nights deluge. Remember we can always start late and reduce overs if necessary #GetTheGameOn

@prestoncricket have won the toss at Woodhill and are fielding. 3.15 start 38 overs @npremierleague #GetTheGameOn

Ground, Weather and Light

  • As a matter of practicality, it is suggested that team captains jointly take primary responsibility for decisions and actions in relation to Ground, Weather and Light, with support from other players as necessary/desirable; everybody should work together in order to “Get the Game On”.

  • Insurance

    No matter what precautions are taken in relation to player safety, injuries can and will happen (in cricket as in any other sport). The ECB encourages all participants to consider their insurance position. ExtraCover is the official Club Insurance Scheme of the ECB. For further details visit here.

You turn up to the ground after it has been raining heavily all night to find a large area of standing water in the outfield near to the square. What can be done?

  • Organise a team of players and brief them with a plan to remove the area of standing water.
  • Inform the opposition team of the clean-up operation that’s underway.
  • Having removed the area of standing water, inspect the rest of the ground to ensure that there are no other areas of standing water that will affect play ensuring:

    – The fielders can retrieve the ball without slipping.
    – The bowlers run ups are sufficiently dry.
    – The batsman can play and run between the wickets without falling over including turning for a second run.

  • Both captains are satisfied and agree that it is now safe to play.

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