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Après Cricket

So many factors have an influence on Après Cricket - home or away, win or lose, why the no.11 didn't walk when he clearly middled it to the keeper, the weather, what parties the youngsters are trying to get to - the list goes on but there are still a number of tasks that need to be completed before we can think about the evening ahead!

Fortunately most of the regular players are well drilled in what needs doing - to the point that it frees me up to drink the fixture with the opposition captain. There's nothing worse than an away game far from home where the opposition skipper offers to buy you a pint but doesn't add that he won't be along for an hour because all the jobs are on him.

First up - making sure we cover the right pitch for tomorrow’s game - a task that we set to immediately after clapping our visitors off the field, along with collecting the boundary markers in. Then comes the delegation part - putting benches away, collecting match fees and availability (why don't we do this at the meet time?), copying up the book, filling in the result sheet, collecting tea money from the opposition, getting £100 in pound coins turned into notes behind the bar (that's the first win/win of the night). So far my players have taken on the roles of credit controller, book keeper, bank clerk and handyman - and most of them are under 16!

Right all the jobs are done.  Now is there enough time to sit down with the lads and recount the best bits from today's game? Probably not, they've already done it but thankfully one of them will give me the summary and then we can start thinking about next week’s opposition and how we faired against them last time out.

Paul Husband

Captain – Bromsgrove CC

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