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Getting Ready for Game Day

The game for the coming week starts on a Tuesday evening at selection for our club/committee members including me as captain.  During selection the XI’s for the coming week are selected, this is on the basis of availability, performance and also paid membership.

Most weeks the teams selected change as players become unavailable for various reasons.  After selection I liaise with players to inform them of their selection and meet time. During the week, I keep an eye on the forecast as the weather plays an important part for the conversation with the groundsmen, regarding covering/rolling of the wicket.

Our club has a rule of 3 players taking responsibility for lunches each week, the 3 players are chosen on a rota basis, thus the players have to arrange the lunches for the 11 players, 2 umpires, scorer and the 10 children who regularly come and support us.

Come Saturday, the captain is running around looking for replacements for last minute unavailability, speaking to the umpires confirming attendance, hoping all turn up on the day and making sure he has the scorebook, new ball, lifts for the players and his own kit ready for tomorrow.

Idris Patel

Hainault & Clayhall CC

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