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Importance of being a good host Captain

Once the game is over, especially at home fixtures, as captain I begin to play the part of “host”. But first job would be to sort a few of us out to assist the groundsman in getting tomorrow’s pitch covered, and if we’ve lost you may very well find me in that group as I find it’s a time when I can gather my thoughts. If we’ve managed a win, then a drink in the dressing room tends to be the order of the day.

Following on from that, check the scorebook with our scorer, and then collect signatures from the opposition skip and the umpires. Try and get a drink in for the umpires too. Then ring the result through to the ever reliable Trevor Baxter, passing on any performances of note, and if Trevor has time I’ll ask for other results he received prior to ours.

Then I’d hope to buy my opposite number a drink before retiring to the dressing room for a shower. Followed by a few quiet ones in the clubhouse, where a résumé of the day will no doubt be underway, and a search for the games hero’s and villains.

Somewhere in all that will be a catch up with the better half and plans made for supper.

Ian Britcliffe

1st Captain – Ribblesdale Wanders 

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