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Delegation is what you need

This will be my 6th successive year as a captain, following 7 years as a vice. Cricket is something I've always been passionate (borderline obsessive) about so, when asked to write a bit of a blog about my thoughts and experiences as captain, I thought 'yeah, why not?' 

Some of the challenges faced by a second team captain are, perhaps, a bit different to those faced by a first team captain. For example, getting a settled side together is somewhere between unlikely and impossible. Also, for any last unavailability across either team, it's inevitable that the second team is the one that finds a place.

As ever, one of the major challenges is keeping everyone happy in the team and making sure all players all get a game (as opposed to just being stood fielding for 3 hours). Second team cricket tends to be a little less intense than first team so, wherever possible, I try to ensure there are no players just 'making the numbers up' as it were.

Unfortunately in the past, my lack of delegation has been a bit of a weakness so this season I am going to endeavour  to get more of my team involved in helping out on game day.  It’s a great way to integrate new members of the team and build some team spirit by getting the players to work together by putting boundary markers and stumps out, marking out pitches, making sure everything is in hand with the teas, collecting the match subs, and uploading the results to play-cricket. Plus it makes my job a lot easier!

Best wishes for a successful 2016.

Andy Fisher

Second Team Captain

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