has big impact

Getting the game on in the Cheshire Cricket League became decidedly easier this season following the introduction of The ability to communicate swiftly and effectively has resulted in a remarkable turnaround – results from only four of 90 scheduled games before the end of May requiring chasing. “The ease of transfer has been amazing,” admits league secretary Brian Birtles. “Volunteers had mentioned the extra burdens of having to send in result cards and make phone calls.”

With a demand for change, getting the move passed at the league’s 2015 AGM was never likely to be an issue, and has proved a huge boon for club administrators whose workloads have been lightened. “A couple of clubs have requested support, but these are only teething problems, with solutions easily sourced,” Birtles adds.

Clubs currently still manually notify the league of their result but that could soon be a thing of the past. “With clubs’ support next year it is hoped to rely entirely on for all match information,” says Birtles.

Another big talking point has been the virtual county honours board – a great success nationwide – which celebrates the good and the great on a weekly basis by honouring the weekend’s best showings with bat and ball. “The players love it – reports on social media have only been positive.”

And, of course, it piques interest in what others are doing, too – increasing that sense of competition.

“Clubs use averages to encourage players to take part, and with the players’ love of stats they are becoming more involved in their club and league. A more positive approach to getting games played is being experienced,” Birtles adds. With moves afoot for regionalisation in next year’s league, it sounds like the grins in Cheshire could soon be as wide as the proverbial cat.