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Get the Game On is an ECB campaign designed to boost participation. Cricket needs everyone – players, captains, coaches, umpires, groundsman and volunteers – to take an active role in the campaign and play their part in ensuring that as many games as possible are completed each season. Explore the League Blueprint below, share your stories using #getthegameon, or get in touch to tell us about the great work you’re doing locally to help get the game on.

Unlocking the Power of Digital

What could digital do for your league? Learn the basic facts and top-performing tools to reach clubs and players.

Consulting with Players

Ahead of making proposals for rule changes, you will want to know the view of the players, particularly on their game day experience.

Create Newsletters

Access free templates, send email newsletters and get feedback from players and clubs.

The League Blueprint

Be A Game

The League Blueprint is a series of recommendations that leagues are encouraged to embrace to improve player satisfaction and help keep more players on the pitch and enjoy their game.

Examples Of What's Working

  • Players drive league changes

    Players drive league changes

    Life in the Warwickshire Cricket League (WCL) has had a shot in the arm, with striking format changes bringing more competitive games and a 10 per cent increase...
  • Social media boosts games played

    Social media boosts games played

    A change is, they say, as good as a rest. Life for Northern Premier League (NPL) clubs looks far sweeter thanks to the adoption of a social-media presence which...
  • New approach makes up the numbers

    New approach makes up the numbers

    Normandy Cricket Club has no motto on its club badge, but “where there’s a will, there’s a way” might make a suitable epithet after its inventive approach to fu...

Popular Content

  • Check The Weather

    Check The Weather

    As with most outdoor sports, the weather has a big impact on cricket. Having a better understanding of the weather and what to expect may help you make decision...
  • Water Removal Tools

    Water Removal Tools

    Standing water can be removed using a variety of mopping up materials. Mops, squeegees, water hogs and absorbent blankets can all help – especially on problem a...
  • Get It Covered!

    Get It Covered!

    Covers are an important piece of equipment and are often the difference between getting a game played or not.

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